Saturday 27 February 2010

South Africa's Jazz Ministers Continued

Despite its 1984 date, this accessible, swinging, trumpet-driven African Jazz has a seventies urban South Africa feel. A follow-up to an earlier ElectricJive post, Nomvula’s Dance, herewith another offering from the Jazz Ministers.

This recording is a great example of how a cluster of good musicians continued to excel after the death of their leading light. Jazz Ministers founder Victor Ndlazilwana died in 1978. Trumpeter, and tireless teacher of jazz, Johnny Mekoa took over leadership of the Jazz Ministers and produced this gem.

The Jazz Ministers were the first African jazz band to perform at the Newport Jazz Festival in New York.

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  1. So glorious and bright. Thank you.

    Found this interesting article in the archives of the Los Angeles Times newspaper from 2002 about Johnny Mekoa's good works.

  2. cant wait to lsiten to this one
    thank you

    wuod k

  3. just to let you know...
    I recently posted the Jazz Ministers' Sekumaxa, and
    I've also linked through to this post.
    Keep up the great work!


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